Sunday 12 January 2014

Here Comes The Pain...

Here comes the pain is not one of Slayers best songs. But I came to think about when tasting their wine...
A "funny" present on my birthday a while back - I will get back to you - you know who you are...:-)

2011 Slayer Reign In Blood Red
This is a Cabernet Sauvignon from California and according to the back label I should enjoy it with food, friends and great music. Well, Slayer is great but this wine is not.
The nose is big, sweet and (over)ripe with notes of black currant jam, beet root juice, scorched earth, vanillin oak and a touch of green peppers that shows itself at the back of the nose. Unbalanced, both sweet and anorectic at the same time.
The taste is big, upfront and, at first, sweet with notes of black currant jam, band aid, cough syrup, warm road dust and old chocolate. The tannins are not integrated and fight their own fight on the side. Very dry at the end of the finish. Again, unbalanced. I would like to evoke the Angel Of Death on those who came up with this idea...
62p   (tasted 2013/12)

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