Sunday 9 February 2014

What I Drank Last Night - 2004 Barolo Cannubi Boschis, Sandrone

I ought to be ashamed of myself! I have called this blog Barolista, in homage to the wines I love from the foggy hills in Piedmonte. And when was the latest post with a Barolo?

Ok, I did open a 64 a week ago. But before that?!

October last year... - maybe I should rename the blog to "Everything Else Besides Barolo..."?
I have to start to rectify this behaviour. I started last night...

2004 Barolo Cannubi Boschis, Sandrone
Cannubi Boschis from Sandrone usually strike a chord deep inside me. Both the 1990 and the 2001 are perfect wines in my book. Lets see how one bottle from the 04 vintage performs.
The nose is a bit slow out of the gate but soon picks up pace and display beautiful aromas of red currants, hard cherry candy, forest floor with lots of mushrooms, rosehips and a tiny note of mint. Still young, but with air it shows of the beauty of Cannubi in Sandrone´s expression.
The taste is young, tight and focused with notes of sweet red cherries, lingonberries, forest floor, a touch of tobacco and lots of violet pastilles. There is a big handful of cheeky tannins at the end of the finish, giving me the clear message - "leave me in the cellar for another 5+ years"! I will... Not in the league of the 2001 but an impressive bottle of Nebbiolo.
93p   (tasted 2014/02)


  1. 2004 is probably my favorite vintage because of its fantastic overall balance and everything usually in place, so I was expecting it to beat the 2001.

    I recently tried the the more shortlived and very forward 2009, but not bad at all.

    1. Well....2004 is a fantastic vintage but I hold the 2001 vintage as the better of the two, and the best since 1996. If one were to use that old saying "an iron fist in a velvet glove" - I would say that 2001 is more fist and 2004 is more velvet - and I prefer the Iron Fist :-) -

      I saw that you mentioned the 1989 in your post - I have one bottle of that one - and have never tried that vintage - looking forward to do the deed...:-)

  2. Saturday I opened a 2000 Barolo Bussia "Munie" from Franco Conterno....because I thought this vintage has not much speed to go further....
    Poured out of the bottle....the first glass gave no much pleasure.....but after one was almost 2 times the body , darker, and in full gear with all in balance .....what an excellent wine from an underrated producer...!
    It can easily sleep 5 more years.....
    Me and my son scored both bad no more
    Vintage is important.....but site and human factor are more important

    1. That's why vintage charts are (almost) useless - the proof is always in the bottle! :-)