Saturday 1 February 2014

180 Bottles Of Wine On The Wall...

I came to think of that old repetitive song when I opened one of the 1964´s that I have collected over the years. This year it will happen - I will turn 50....

Everyone knows that 1964 is one of the best vintages ever, everywhere! :-) Therefore I have amassed an interesting collection of bottles from my birth year.
More precisely 181 bottles, or 180 after tonight.
All will be drunk over this year.

181 bottles of wine on the wall, 181 bottles of wine.
Take one down and pass it around, 180 bottles of wine on the wall...

1964 Barolo, Orsolani
Being locked up for years and years, this needed some time to open up in the glass. But when it did, it displayed gorgeous notes of a mature Barolo - dried mushrooms, lingonberry bushes, tar, rosehips, pipe tobacco and leather. Very fresh for its age. A touch of truffles at the end when the sediment is poured in the glass. If I drink that? You bet - it will make me 100 years old, at least! :-)
The taste is soft, mature and with a fine dried up sweetness, with notes of dried raspberries, rosehips, tar, undergrowth, worn leather and lots of dried ceps. A medium long finish that ends dry. The nose is more lively than the taste, but this is a fine drinking 64 Barolo, especially with some veal chops, oven potatoes and a red wine sauce. I hope that the 52 other 1964 Baroli will be this good, or even better...
88p   (tasted 2014/01)


  1. Well .....when the day comes.....Happy 50th Birthday !!

    Can you send a bottle of 1964 over ? I have a friend who celebrates like you

    1. Thanks - well in advance! The big day isn´t until December, so I have all year to drink the bottles...:-)
      Have your friend check out - - there is many 64´s to be found.

  2. I have had really good experience with the 64's too for example a brezza:
    Ultimate Wine Kick : Brezza 1964

    1. Sounds like a great bottle of wine! Too bad I don´t have any 64 Brezza....have too make due with the others :-)