Friday 21 March 2014

Resistance Is Futile - 1978 Château Fonreaud

It must a personal record - I resisted for 48 hours before I took the corkscrew to my newly bought bottle...

1978 Château Fonreaud
The nose is a bit shy but wonderful in its withdrawn beauty - lots of dried red and black currants, autumn leaves, pipe tobacco, rotten onions (great!), old chocolate and fresh stables. There is a lot going on here, albeit the volume is turned down. Very fine.
The taste on the other hand doesn´t live up to the fine nose, it is a bit dry and there is, here and there, a touch of greenness. But there is also some old root vegetables, red currants, pipe tobacco and autumn leaves. While preparing dinner I´m nibbling on some truffle salami and the dryness disappears, as always, with some food. Good. But I remember the 82 as sooo much better - will see if I can get hold of a bottle...
84p   (tasted 2014/03)

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