Saturday 1 March 2014

What A Beauty - 2010 Pouilly-Fuissé Roche, Bret Brothers

I bought this bottle on a whim, having read something somewhere about these brothers but didn´t remembering anything of what I read, more than there wines have gotten some good reviews.
I will be buying more, much more!
Info here.

2010 Pouilly-Fuissé La Roche, Bret Brothers
Jean-Guillaume and Jean-Philippe have in this Pouilly-Fuissé created a small masterpiece. The nose is at first a bit shy and withdrawn but wit air it opens up beautifully with notes of lemon peel, white flowers, slate, matchbox and a whiff of Coleman mustard seeds. Very deep and refined. Polished. This is flat out gorgeous, albeit very young. Stunning!
The taste is pure, fresh and complex with notes of sweet/sour lemons, candle-grease, slate and butter cup flowers. A long, elegant finish with a cleansing acidity. Very, very balanced. A touch of white raisins in the finish, that matched our food perfectly - salmon with a chive sauce and sultan raisins that have been sautéed with white wine and fish sauce.
A very promising wine that delivers a few hours of true enjoyment before the bottle is finished. Would love to drink this again in a few years time, or just about any time!
94p   (tasted 2014/02)


  1. Totally agree on this. It's lovely now, and most likely even lovelier in the future...

    Their '10 Les Quartz is also a stunner - somewhat richer with notes of honey that '10 La Roche doesn't have.

    1. Great minds think alike....:-) Will find out about the Les Quartz - I have ordered all the other Bret Brothers/La Soufrandiere wines from the monopoly!