Tuesday 11 March 2014

The First In A Short Series - 2007 Hohen-Sülzen Kirchenstück Spätburgunder GG, Battenfeld-Spanier

I have recently bought some bottles of German Spätburgunder, and I will taste them over the upcoming days. First one up is

2007 Hohen-Sülzen Kirchenstück Spätburgunder GG, Battenfeld-Spanier
Those long German titles... Ah well, on to the wine then - at first I thought it was a bit ungainly and uncongenial but it just needed time. Later, fine notes of cool red fruits, rowanberries, earth, dried herbs, dry chocolate biscuits and beetroots emerges from the glass. A high, delicate nose. Very, very good. Some maturity but still youngish. On day two it hasn´t budged a bit.
The taste is cool, a bit mature, round and fine with notes of dried raspberries, lingonberries, dried herbs, forest floor and beetroot juice. A fine acidity. A medium long, warm finish. Stays the same on day two. This is drinking fine and I don´t think it will get any better but it will surely stay on this level for 4-6 years.
90p   (tasted 2014/03)


  1. Ok so this will be a minor project...? ;-)

    1. Very minor - just 6 bottles - so far....:-)

  2. One man's project is another man's afternoon ...