Wednesday 25 November 2015

1811 Malvasia Cândida

There is a saying that goes - "You don´t have to be old to be wise". And a wine doesn´t have to be old to be good.
But there is no suprise that I am partial to old wines. And especially to old Madeira´s!

We got together in our tasting group and bought this bottle, from the Comet year.
And not to let a opportunity to taste som great wines get wasted, we arranged a BYOB evening with this as the (hopefully!) climax of the evening. Notes on the rest of bottles will be posted later.

The label states:
Vinho de Malvazia / Bebe pouco / E viverais com alegria’.
Malvazia Wine / Drink a little / And you will live with happiness

I´ll drink to that!

1811 Malvasia Cândida
The nose is big and intense with notes of muscovado sugar dusted berries, dried flowers, figs, melted asphalt and coffee liquor. Very deep. A bit loose around the edges though. Not surprisingly it shows some age...
The taste is broad and multi layered with fine notes of sugared coffee, pan fried nuts, hot gravel, dried flowers, band aid and liquorice. The finish is very long and sweet. The acídity is high but it doesn´t have the intense "zing" that Madeira usually has. Very, very good.
92p   (tasted 2015/11)


  1. Are you sure this is not one of Kurvanian wine...??

    Is this the oldest liquid you ever sipped ...?

    1. You´ll never know... But if it was one of Rudy´s mixtures, I would have thought that it would have been fresh as a daisy...:-)
      No, I have tasted a 1795 Terrantez, and that was better than this bottle