Monday 4 April 2016

Moving The Cellar

My back hurts. From lifting 80 boxes of wine today. Each box lifted four times in and out of the cellar and on and of the trailer ...
But now they have found a new resting place. And while packing together the cellar I also packed down the object d`art that have been decorating the walls. Some fine memories.

Tasted many years ago and it was brilliant, one of the best Burgundy´s ever tasted!

Mature Sauternes is hard to beat

A magnum 1964 Barbaresco from Cappellano - great stuff!

The Unicorn of wines, and yes, it resembled Port

A 1923 Pommard from a Bordeaux negociant - and it was spectacular!

Alongside 1955 Taylor´s, the best Port ever tasted and I have been fortunate to have drunk it twice

1892 Riesling - and surprisingly fresh!

It was a time when you could buy this for 110 Euro...

A magnum of 1985 Jacquesson - lovely label and a lovely wine


  1. What ??
    I see a Tommasi box Amarone ah ??
    Anyway are you moving at bigger place or smaller place...?

    All the best and thank you for the great memories picture ...I have some to

    1. No Amarone, no! Just a box for carrying, although I have one (!) bottle of Amarone in the cellar.
      Just another location since we sold our house and moved.