Wednesday 2 November 2016

Turning 5 Years!

Today it is 5 years since I posted my first tasting notes on this blog. There have been a few more posts over the years - this one is no 968!
Up to posting this post there have been a total of 412.808 page views and 1.069 comments.

Thanks to all that have read my meandering thoughts on the wines I have tasted and to all that have comment over the years!

I thought I would celebrate with a nice bottle, but that failed - twice...

First a bottle from the Greatest Vintage Ever:
1964 Clos Mazeyres
A sound looking bottle, a good level, but an (almost) dead wine. The nose is high pitched with lots of VA and flower water and half rotten red currants.
The taste is dry, hollow and flat.
53p   (tasted 2016/11)

Ok then.....lets open a half bottle of
1961 Chambolle Musigny, B. & J. M. Delaunay
Well, better, but just. A big, murky nose with notes of burnt muscovado sugar, moist mushrooms and old meat stock.
The taste is big and four square with a lot of warmth and old, dried red fruit. Finish short and dry.
59p   (tasted 2016/11)

What a celebration so far...
I received a tasting sample the other day from Valid Wines, and by now I needed something - hopefully - more reliable.

2012 Vigno, Gillmore Wines
This 100% Carignan has a beautiful, open, young nose with notes of crushed red cherries, sweet violets, blood & iron and some dark flowers. High and pure. A very fine concentration. Raw rubber and clay. Complex. Very, very fine.
The taste is young, tight and utterly gorgeous with young, focused blueberry- and cherry fruit with additional notes of ink, dark flowers, veal meat and some sandy notes. A long, balanced finish. A very fine mouthfeel. To my recollection, the best wine I have tasted from Chile. A bargain at 25 Euro. Should evolve nicely for 6+ years.
93p   (tasted 2016/10)

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