Tuesday 26 June 2018

Bottles Of Midsummer Eve

Family, friends, a lot of good food and some really nice bottles made up our Midsummer Eve. I didn´t take any formal notes, it wasn´t that kind of evening, but this is my recollaction of the bottles drunk.

Almost fully mature, round and pleasing (~91p)

2010 P-M Les Folatiérs, Glantenay (~94p) & 2004 P-M Les Combettes, Louis Carillon (~95p) - two extraordordinary white Burgundies!

A big, hearthy Sicilian Chardonnay with lots of character (~90p)
A fully mature, sweet, beautiful Burgundy (~92p)

A great German Pinot Noir with a lovely balance (~92p)
The next Pinot was from Italy and impressed everyone - just stunning! (~94p)
A 2001 Chianti - a stunner, although still young! (~92p)
A 13 year old Cabernet got those taste buds going (~92p)
A night without a Barolo - I don´t think so! The first one was sadly enough oxidized, a window display casualty (~70p)
The second Baroli was a young, direct, fine example (~92p)
Dessert! 1973 Quarts de Chaume, Domaine des Baumard (~93p) & 1980 Château Raymond-Lafon (~91p)

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