Monday 5 August 2019

Vacation Wines - 2012 Barolo Villero, Brovia

2012 Barolo Villero, Brovia
A finely tuned, low keyed nose with beautiful notes of rowan berries, dry licorice, dried wild strawberries, a hint of smoke and lots of chrushed rocks. Very fine. A lovely floral scent. Not a hint of warmth (being a 2012), just elegance.
The taste is seedy and refined with notes of dried red cherries, minerals, iron and earth. The tannins are polished with the finest cloth. Alex has fashioned a stunning Villero - again (see notes below). Should hit maturity in 6+ years. Sadly my only bottle.
93p   (tasted 2019/08)

2010 Villero

2013 Villero (first time tasted)

2013 Villero (second time tasted)

2015 Villero

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