Monday 19 August 2019

Eating & Drinking In Piedmont - Impressions From November 2018

I published some pictures and notes from The Barolo Boys visits in March this year to our favourite eating places. The following are from our visit in November of 2018. Lets see if you spot any similarities...

Osteria Veglio
What to say that haven´t already been said about this gem of a restaurant? Stunning food, a great wine list and the most lovely people that owns and run this jewel. We will always come back!
(we actually went twice, one time on our own and once with the Pira´s and Marengo´s!)

A lovely bubble with smoke notes, grapefruit, herbs and mineral (91p)

Great wines! The 13 Produttori is earthy and cherry laden with lots of structure for the future (93p). The Rocche from Brovia is (again!) a magical wine with everything in place (96p)

The proud owners and managers of Osteria Veglio

The secomd visit - The Cavallotto, really fine with juicy tannins and earthy, cherry aromas (93p), the Poderi Colla is a more elegamt creature with roses and violets (92p), and the Porro displays firm Serralunga treats with firm tannins and gorgeous, ripe fruit (94p)

Spending time with The Barolo Boys will make you this happy!

Il Grecale
Located in Novello, this sea food aficionado (even though they have other food as well, as seen below) offers up sumptuous food, a wine list with Elvio Cogno´s magnificent wines (you can see the estate from the restaurant) but also more bottles of course, and as with Osteria Veglio, people who runs the restaurant with charm, joy and passion.

A Nascetta from Elvio Cogno is always a treat (91p)

A dark, juicy Barbera that really pleases the taste buds (91p)

I am not a fan of liqour but this Gin based drink was the best I have ever had!

Centro Storico
A visit to Ciccio is always a must! His grumpy charm is a treat and the down to earth food is to die for (as is the wine list, although you have to ask Ciccio when he is about to update it, that is always fun...:-))

A fine thirst cleanser! (90p)

The 16 Langhe Nebbiolo from Maria Teresa is a stunner! (93p)

La Coccinella
Our favourite restaurant, this time only a quick stop for lunch before going to Malpensa to fly home (sadly...).

A gorgeous 2016 Langhe Nebbiolo from Giuseppe Rinaldi (93p)

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