Wednesday 6 December 2017

Lunches & Dinners In Piedmont - Part Two

You just don´t drink the greatest wines in this world when you are in Nebbiolo land, you eat the greatest too. My love for Carne Cruda, Tajarin, Plin, Coniglio etc is endless.

Thursday Lunch - Il Grecale   (
We had read somewhere that there was a fine sea food restaurant in Novello, so we booked a table for lunch and drove there.
And we will be back! One of the best visits of our trip. Thoughtfull, methodical, loving cooking with stunning flavours and intensity.

Pre lunch snacks
2016 Nas-Cëtta, Le Strette
Almost a three bottle lunch! The waitress brought the wrong bottle and opened it before we caught the mistake. But we got a taste of it and then they replaced it with the one we originally ordered - no fuss and great service.
A local variety in Langhe, the Nascetta grape (Nas-Cëtta as it is called in Novello) was almost extinct when Elvio Cogno started to tend to it in the mid 90´s. It is suggested that it has a genetic linc to Vermentino, and it must have, becasuse it smells an taste exactly like a Vermentino. A flowery, grassy nose with lots of chrushed rocks and dry passion fruit. Very good.
The taste is dry, cool and fine with notes of grass, white currants and minerals. A fine salty note in the finish.
87p   (tasted 2017/11)

An absolutelu stunning, fresh dish!
2014 Sauvignon, Matteo Corregio
The nose is open and inviting with notes of elderberries, freshly cut grass and spices. Salivating. Very, very good.
The taste is fresh and upfront with notes of lemon peel, grass and white flowers. A fine acidity. Long and fine.
89p   (tasted 2017/11)

Stunning scallops!

2014 Barbera d´Alba Prephylloxera, Elvio Cogno
When we saw this on the list, we just had to have it. I have never seen it in a shop. The prephylloxera Barbera from Cogno. Read all about it here.
The nose is a beauty with a mix of ripe raspberries, black stony fruits, wet clay, dry licorice and dried flowers. Intense and complex. Very deep.
The taste is dense and multi layered with notes of raspberry licorice, dark chocolate, sand and a touch of sea salt. Very long and creamy. Really fine. Wish I could get hold of some bottles.
92p   (tasted 2017/11)

The Chef - we will be back!

Thursday Dinner - Osteria Tre Case   (
After tasting with Giacomo we went out to dinner with him, and Elisa Scavino meet up at the restaurant that Giacomo had choosed. A first for us, but we will be back.

We started with a bottle of NV Blanc de Blanc, Ruinart which was crisp and delicious (92p) and then a bottle of 2016 Barbera d´Alba, Massolino which was young, juicy and gulpable (90p).
The 2012 Barolo Pie Rupestris, Cappellano followed, which performed as excellent as it did when we had it in May.
The food at Tre Case was traditional and very fine, lots of flavour and texture.

Carne cruda with white truffle

Our dinner company - Elisa Scavino and Giacomo Conterno - a great evening!

The sky when leaving Tre Case

Friday Lunch - Repubblica di Perno   (
Lunch with Gianpaolo Pira before tasting at the estate.

2013 Barolo Acclivi, Burlotto
When we visited Fabio in May we were very impressed by the 2013 line up. I have bought some but we took this chance to test drive the Acclivi.
A refined, low keyed yet intense nose with notes of ripe lingonberries, paint, birch leaves and undergrowth. High and really fine.
The taste is ethereal and refreshing with a seemingly lightness. Lovely notes of hard cherry candy, forest floor and dried strawberries. Handsome. Great wine.
93p   (tasted 2017/11)

Duck terrine - yummy!
Coniglio! One of the best dishes of rabbit I have ever had

Two of The Barolo Boys with Gianpaolo and the staff at Repubblica
2015 Langhe Nebbiolo, Bartolo Mascarello
The nose shows of a great mix of strawberries and licorice with some additional notes of violets, rosemary and earth. A very fine depth. Some rose petals after a while.
The taste is earthy and refined with notes of balsamico marinated strawberries, road dust, dark violets and a hint of dry tobacco. Very long and fine.
92p   (tasted 2017/11)

Friday Dinner - Osteria La Torre   (
After tasting at Pira we headed to Cherasco for dinner with the Pira and Marengo family. A great night to be had!

We started with a bottle of 2007 Barbera d´Alba La Bogliona, Scarpa but which showed a tad too rustic and rough around the edges for my liking (83p).

A different presentation of Vitello Tonnato
2010 Barolo Villero, Brovia
The first Barolo displayed a fine spicy character and notes of ripe red cherries, tobacco, dried herbs and licorice. Deep. Some sugared cooffe aromas after a time in the glass. Very, very good.
The taste shows some signs of maturity and notes of autumn leaves, dried cherries, rosehips and dry tobacco. In the long, fine finish there is a touch of sweet cooffe, as on the nose. Drinking beautifully on this night.
92p   (tasted 2017/11)

2013 Barolo Monvigliero, Fratelli Alessandria
I had never tasted the Monvigliero from Alessandria so this was fun. And what a wine! The nose is deep and utterly gorgeous with notes of ripe red cherries, black minerals, dry tobacco, incense and dried strawberries. Very complex and fine.
The taste is refined and silky at first until the tannins creeps forward in the finish. Lovely notes of wild strawberries, dry tobacco, sweet minerals and violets. Very long and very fine. Glad I got hold of some in Alba the day after.
94p   (tasted 2017/11)

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