Monday 4 December 2017

2003 Pecoranera, Tenuta Grillo - Liked It Four Years Ago - Now A Disaster

I really liked this one when I tasted it - twice! - four years ago -
First taste
Second try

Now, after four years I thought it was high time to open another bottle. Not corked, not cooked, no other obvious fault, a perfect cork and fill. Just a hidious bottle.

2003 Pecoranera, Tenuta Grillo
A dusty, backward, flat nose with notes of, yes, dust, saw dust, the kind of dust that gathers under your bed when you haven´t vacuumed for a while....and then some cooled of burned rubber scents. Where the f...k is the fruit?
The taste is very, very dry and linear with notes of dust, gravel and old wrinkled up herbs. Nothing wrong with this bottle except for a natural wine that has gone to meet its maker. From 92p four years ago to
53p   (tasted 2017/12)

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