Monday 2 March 2020

Eating & Drinking In Piedmont

On Barolo Boys latest trip we visited some restaurants, as ususal!

The first call was made to Il Centro in Priocca. My third visit, and the best so far. The food is excellent, the wine list is very good, but the ambiance isn´t that cosy and home-feely as for example La Coccinella.

A salmon starter to go with the bubbly

Savart Expression - racy and satisfying

Carne cruda!

A great young Serralunga (93p)

Just awesome, truly fine (97p)

Intestines - a stunning dish!

Next up the next day was lunch at Mangè, in the center of La Morra. The owners used to run Le Torri in Castiglione Falletto. Always a great place for a good lunch.

Great Nebbiolo juice (91p)

One (or two) glasses of Dolcetto a day, keeps the doctor away! (90/88p)

Later the same day, dinner with the Marengo´s and Pira´s at the Bistro of Guido. Modern, creative cuisine with a fine international wine cellar.

Rinaldi - young and stunning (93p), the Mosconi from Chiara too oaky at this stage (88p)

Really fine, almost ready for prime drinking (93p)

On the last evening we went out for dinner with Giacomo Conterno at Osteria I Rebbi. My second visit. Great innovate food and a fine wine list.

A lovely bottle of bubbly! (94p)

Young and sturdy, needs time, lovely fruit (90p)


We were not in agreement here, I think that is a future star but a bit all over the place on this night (93p)

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