Friday 28 May 2021

1998 Château Fonréaud

1998 Château Fonréaud
I have a very fond memory of a bottle of 1982 Fonréaud some 30 years ago, so when I spotted a 1998 for the ghastly price of 19 Euro (yes, Bordeaux is expensive, always)....I jumped at the chance and bought a bottle. Glad I did.
The nose is as classic as they come, with lovely notes of cedar wood, black currants, tobacco and hints of a fresh stable. A ever so small scent of warm grass. Very, very good.
The taste is more linear that the nose with notes of dried black currants, cold coffee, earth and dry tobacco. Silky initially with a dry ending. Classic. Fully mature.
89p   (tasted 2021/05)

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