Saturday 31 December 2011

The Perfect Ones - Part 6

In 2004 I celebrated my 40th birthday with a couple of tastings, one of them were a tasting of thirty 1990 Barolos. It was a great tasting, most of them really shined, and there were only one corked bottle. But the really shining star of the two nights of tasting was the 1990 Cannubi Boschis från Sandrone.
The other wines at the tasting are listed below.

1990 Barolo Cannubi Boschis, Sandrone
A bottomless deep, sweet, complex nose with notes of sweet red  and black cherries, dry tobacco, dried mushrooms, forest floor, leather and some smoke. Soooooo utterly stunning on the nose - both intense and hedonistic at the same time. The sour and sweet cherries are to die for. Captivating!
The taste follow up the nose with the sweetest fruit imaginable, underlying sweet, polished tannins and a minute plus long finish. The structure is just awesome. Rosehips, cherries, tobacco, porcini, leather are just a few of the multitudes of impression that hits you. There is some mature notes, but this has just begun its evolvement. Breathtakingly beautiful!
100p   (tasted 2004/10)

The other wines tasted:
Day 1:
1990 Jacques Selosse Blanc de Blancs   (92p)
1990 Barolo La Serra, Roberto Voerzio   (89p)
1990 Barolo Brunate, Roberto Voerzio   (91p)
1990 Barolo Brunate, Ceretto   (84p)
1990 Barolo Conteisa Cerequio, Gromis   (92p)
1990 Barolo Cerequio, Roberto Voerzio   (94p)
1990 Barolo Monprivato, Guiseppe Mascarello   (92p)
1990 Barolo, Bartolo Mascarello   (89p)
1990 Barolo Riserva, Marchesi di Barolo   (90p)
1990 Barolo Riserva, E Pira   (93p)
1990 Barolo Rocche, Corino   (95p)
1990 Barolo Cannubi, Prunotto   (87p)
1990 Zeltinger Sonnenuhr Riesling Beerenauslese, Molitor   (92p)

Day 2:
1990 Cristal   (98p)
1990 Barolo Bussia, Prunotto   (88p)
1990 Barolo Bussia, Parusso   (91p)
1990 Barolo Vigna del Gris, Conterno Fantino   (92p)
1990 Barolo Le Gramolere, Manzone   (94p)
1990 Barolo La Villa, Seghesio   (86p)
1990 Barolo Vigna Big, Rocche Dei Manzoni   (83p?)
1990 Barolo Bric dël Fiasc, Scavino   (94p)
1990 Barolo, Scavino   (88p)
1990 Barolo Rocche dell´Annunziata   (97p)
1990 Barolo Briccoto Bussia, Domenico Clerico   (corked!)
1990 Barolo Ciabot Mentin Ginestra, Domenico Clerico   (97p)
1990 Barolo Pajana, Domenico Clerico   (99p)
1990 Barolo Villero Riserva, Bruno Giacosa   (95p)
1990 Barolo Vigna Colonello Bricco Bussia, Aldo Conterno   (95p)
1990 Barolo Cascina Francia, Giacomo Conterno   (98p)
1990 Barolo Falletto di Serralunga Riserva, Bruno Giacosa   (95p)
1990 Barolo Granbussia Riserva   (96p)
1990 Barolo Monfortino Riserva, Giacomo Conterno   (97p)
1990 Vouvray Moelleux La Coulé d´Or, Bourillon Dorléans   (96p)

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