Monday 23 April 2012

What´s The Fuss About?

Attended a great dinner tasting yesterday with lots of new, friendly faces and great wines, and my head is a tad heavy today - but attack is the best defence, why not open a bottle of wine...:-)
Will be back soon with tasting notes and pics.

Nature wines......there has been a lot of fuss about them here in Sweden the last couple of months. I try to have an open mind when in comes to wine - the proof is - usually - in the bottle. But it was with some curiosity I opened this bottle - what would I think? Well, to qoute Shakespeare - "much ado about nothing"...

2010 Morgon Cote du Py, Jean Foillard
The nose is light, fresh and pure, with notes of lingonberry bushes, unripe rasberries, a touch of stables and a fine spicy note. A little on the shy side but very well balanced and fine.
The taste is fresh, juicy and gulpable with the same lingonberry and rasberry notes as on the nose. There is some additional notes of dry licorice, hard cherry candy and balsa wood. A medium long finish. A pure, fresh wine without real complexity. But very nice drinking, the bottle suddenly became empty...
But for 20 Euro it is on the verge of being too expensive for what it delivers.
86p (tasted 2012/04)


  1. Sounds like a nice and refreshing drink. Still havent tried it myself, my lone bottle will be sacrificed on a sunny day in a not too far away future.
    It'll be fun to finally try this one out.

    1. If we get some sun sometime, I start to wonder... It is really a nice drink, but I don't get the buzz about it. Hope you enjoy it!