Friday 6 April 2012

The Perfect Ones - Part 13

I have reported on this perfect creature in another context - - but this is one of the - so far - 22 perfect wines I have tasted.
This is what dreams are made of... For the rest of the wines, check out the link above.

1982 Barolo Collina Rionda Riserva, Bruno Giacosa
I´m going to make this pure and simple – I would kill and die for this wine! :-) One of the purest, most intense, most fascinating wines I have ever tasted. It has everything, and then some…
The nose is the purest expression of Barolo, or wine for that matter, one could ask for with perfectly mature, sweet fruit, layer upon layer of everything you want in a wine. Breathtakingly beautiful!
The taste is as concentrated, intense and awesome as the nose with a finish that doesn´t stop. This brought tears to my eyes. An easy
100p    (tasted 2009/10)



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  2. Sounds like a really brilliant wine. I do wish i had a bottle sitting right next to me.
    Didnt find it on barolobrunello either :(

  3. I wish that to....:-)