Friday 20 April 2012

Drinking Tonight

Popped and poured this lovely mature St Emilion two hours ago, and the bottle is almost gone - what happened! :-)
What happened was that when the cork was pulled a gorgeously mature St Emilion was poured in the glass and this is some seriously gulpable wine!

1983 Chateau La Grace Dieu Les Menuts
The nose is open for business right from the get go - soft, mature and with beautiful notes of ripe plums, red currants, dark fudge, horses in the distance and autumn leaves burning in the wind. Very, very good. Somen orange peel after a while. Not that deep but very complex all the same.
The taste is all about pure silk that flows over the palate. The tannins have melted into the fruit and the sips just evaporate in the mouth - lets have another! Lovely notes of red and black plums, milk chocolate, autumn leaves and coffee and milk. This is soooo great drinking tonight!
90p (tasted 2012/04)

The 83's have been hits and misses during the years, but I have very found memorys of Margaux, Palmer, Haut-Bailly, Cantemerle, Cheval-Blanc and L'Evangile too name some.
And I have a vivid memory of a magnum of 61 La Grace Dieu that was drinking pure silk a couple of years back, just like this 83 but with added depth and complexity. This estate is a great buy, I think I paid 20 Euro for this 83 a year ago...

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