Monday 10 December 2012

Live From Prime Winebar

Since I didn' t get a Nobel price this year either (the award ceremony is here in Stockholm today), I have to console myself...
And what better way is there than tasting two vintage champagnes from one of my favourite houses - Billecart-Salmon?

2004 Billecart-Salmon Brut
A young, pure, racy nose with lots of freshly baked bread, lavender, lemon peel, hyachint and newly washed clothes. Very fine. Not a blockbuster, more the elegant, feminine character. Lovely.
The taste is young, tight and fresh like a daisy with lemons in all sorts of ways - lemon peel, lemon cream and candied lemons, with additional notes of dry grass, gravel and lavender. The finish is medium long and steely dry. This needs a couple of years to unfold, and should turn out really fine.
91p (tasted 2012/12)

1998 Billecart-Salmon Cuvee Nicolas Francois
A gorgeous, deep, intense nose with sweet, sweet notes of sugared lime juice, dried summer flowers, dark bread, some smoky notes and a lovely perfumed scent. I could spend hours with my nose in this glass, but, alas, I suppose I have taste it as well...
Aaaaaaah, this is good! Firmness, luscious, sweet fruit and a finish that goes on forever. There are notes of dark bread, dried rasberries, dried flowers, smoke and sweet minerals. The acidity is just perfect. It feels like its fully matured and perfect to drink now (and it is) but I wouldn't be surprised if it has that one extra gear to shift up too, in 5+ years time. Really stunning juice!
96p (tasted 2012/12)


  1. At almost the exact time today I tried the '00 Cuvée Nicolas Francois. A really marvelous wine, but it need further cellering of course.


    1. Haven' t tried that vintage, but I guess it worth seeking out? I still get goose bumps when I think about the 90 Cuvee Nicolas Francois...

    2. For the price its an amazing wine (599sek @ sb), that one sounds beautiful! Would love to try.


    3. Thanks for the tip - will order one and try.