Sunday 1 September 2013

The Vermentinos of Summer

As last year I bought and consumed a bunch of Vermentino during our stay in Liguria. I like the cool, refreshing character of this grape, and they go very well with the seafood that we eat a lot of.
The other big white wine grape in Liguria, Pigato, doesn´t suit me as much, it is fatter and often reminds me of Gewürztraminer on the nose and with less acidity, even though there are exceptions.

2011 Vermentino Acini di Sole, Le Rocche del Gatto
This 6 Euro Vermentino has a cool, light, fresh nose with notes of lemon peel, pickled ginger, yellow pear and some summer flowers. Upfront, clean and nice.
The taste is fresh and light with nice lemon and mineral notes. A short but refreshing finish. Simple and nice.
78p   (tasted 2013/07)

2012 Vermentino, Lupe
A young, fresh, flowery nose with notes of pears, almond paste, lemon peel and some gravelly scents. Very good.
The taste is fresh, juicy and lively with notes of lemon peel, yellow pears, minerals and a refreshing acidity. A medium long finish. Very good.
85p   (tasted 2013/07)

2012 Vermentino, Laura Aschero
This new acquaintance has depth, character and charm! The nose is young, layered and lovely with notes of sweet lemons, freshly cut grass, fennel, grapefruit, and a beautiful spiciness. High, pure and very fine.
The taste is cool, fine and refined with notes of white currants, fennel seeds, yellow pears, grass and a touch of ginger. The acidity is laser like. A long, fresh, juicy finish. This is a great bottle of Vermentino!
92p   (tasted 2013/07)

2012 Vermentino, Maria Donata Bianchi
I had high expectations on this bottle, since the 2001 last year was that good. This vintage didn´t reach those heights, but it´s still a good bottle of Vermentino. The nose is elegant, somewhat withdrawn with notes of grey pears, gooseberries, sage, grass and lots of sweet minerals. Medium deep. Very good.
The taste is young, tight and spicy with notes of white currants, grey pears, lemon peel, gravel and a touch of crushed white peppers. A fine acidity. Very good.
88p   (tasted 2013/07)

2012 Vermentino, La Ginestraia
A light, fresh and nice nose with notes of yellow pears, warm grass, assorted spices and a touch of licorice. There is a tiny soapy note, but not in a negative way. Good.
The taste is young, fresh and spicy with notes of sweet/sour lemons, yellow pears, licorice, spices and gravel. A medium long, fresh finish. Good acidity. Very good.
86p   (tasted 2013/07)

2011 Vermentino, LVNAE
A rather deep, broad nose with notes of tangerines, ripe yellow pears, dried flowers and sage. Feels more heavy on the nose than the previous Vermentinos. Medium deep. Good.
The taste is also broader and denser, with notes of sweet lemons, dried flowers, moist earth and sage. Nice but not as sprightly as the previous ones. But drinking it with this view, there is no complaints...
83p   (tasted 2013/08)

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