Tuesday 10 December 2013

Drinking Tonight - 1964 Château La Tour Baladoz

49 years have come and went. To console myself I open a bottle that share my old and wrinkled age...:-) Will open some more on Friday with dinner with the family.

1964 Château La Tour Baladoz
This for me unknown St Emilion has a good level, just in the neck. The colour is a healthy red/orange with a little brown in the rim. The nose is a bit shy at first but soon evolve nicely in the glass, with aromas of mature red plums, sweet undergrowth, mocha, rosehips and lots of autumn leaves. Laid back, mature and velvety. Really nice.
The taste is as velvety as the nose with notes of plums, red currants, melted milk chocolate, autumn leaves and old worn leather. A medium long, soft finish with not a hard edge in sight. Maybe a bit to soft but the drinkability is high!
86p   (tasted 2013/12)

The label is a bit of fun. On the top of the label is says "Monopole" - isn´t all Bordeaux châteaux monopole's? Or do Latour have several owners who bottle their own version? :-)
Then it isn´t enough that this is a Grand Vin - it is a St Emilion Le Grand Cru - doesn´t this get confusing for the ordinary consumer...? :-)


  1. Jamen då är väl ett fyrfaldigt på sin plats, hurra, hurra, hurra, hurra. Vågar inte ens tänka på hur det ser ut på bloggen nästa år vid den här tiden :)

  2. Tack David!
    Det kommer att vara 64:or morgon, middag och kväll.....:-)

  3. Stort grattis Joakim! :-) Hoppas du haft en härlig dag!

  4. Champagne 1964 är stort!
    Senast druckits 1980.

    1. Jag hoppas verkligen mina ihopsamlade Champagner från 64 kommer att bete sig stort! :-) Jag får veta om ca ett år...

  5. Is it still available...ill really interested..are selling that....please cntact meat jaiwolfgangskool@yahoo.com.my