Wednesday 27 January 2016

1975 Chianti - Two More Bottles

My batting average on the case of 1975 Chianti´s I bought a while back has not been great. Out of  seven bottles tasted - here,  here and here - only two have been enjoyable. Well, I´m no quitter, so lets bring out two more and keep our fingers crossed!

1975 Chianti Classico Palazzo Al Bosco, Olivieri
It starts rather well. This one has a big, mature, meaty nose with notes of ripe cherries, balsamic vinegar, sweet violets, some VA and a wet dog in a distance, making it a interesting nose. Fully mature. Comes and goes, sometimes deep and fine, sometimes murky and a bit flat. Good though.
The taste is mature, warm and broad with notes of dried cherries, black olives, hot gravel and some old wood. A nicely leathary perfumed finish. Very good. Drinking well.
83p   (tasted 2016/01)

1975 Chianti Classico, Fattoria delle Lodoline
But then, with this bottle with the impressive family name of Contessa Pepita Radicati di Brozole, we´re back too a bad one - heavily corked.
50p   (tasted 2016/01)

And I have more...:-)

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