Monday 25 March 2019

1982 - 2007 Rioja Bordón Gran Reserva, Bodegas Franco-Espanõlas

G arranged out last monthly tasting in our tasting group and it turned out to be a interesting Rioja line up. Tasted double blind.
Some previously tasted bottles from this estate below.

1982 Rioja Bordón Gran Reserva, Bodegas Franco-Españolas
1982 is a great vintage in Rioja and this bottle shows a spicy, mushroomy nose with notes of dried red berries, dried flowers, tobacco and undergrowth. Very, very good. A fine maturity.
The taste is mature, round and dry with notes of rowan berries, allspice, old leather and forest floor. A fine dried up sweetness. Drink soon if you have any.
88p   (tasted 2019/03)

1989 Rioja Bordón Gran Reserva, Bodegas Franco-Españolas
Corked #"(/&%¤)"¤%&/!!!
50p   (tasted 2019/03)

1994 Rioja Bordón Gran Reserva, Bodegas Franco-Españolas
A cool, mature, refined nose with notes of dry licorice, raspberries, iron and rowan berries. High, fine and interesting.
The taste is dry, mature and structured with notes of earth, iron, dried raspberries and moist forest floor. Not a charmer but a very fine character. Really, really good.
92p   (tasted 2019/03)

1995 Rioja Bordón Gran Reserva, Bodegas Franco-Españolas
The 95 displays a compact, multi layered nose with notes of sweet lingonberries, old chocolate, earth and a hint of dill (the only one that showed that classic old school Rioja element).
The taste is tight and dry with notes of dried raspberries, asphalt, old leather and tobacco. A very fine dried up warmth. Should be drunk sooner than later. Displays a very fine warmth.
90p   (tasted 2019/03)

2007 Rioja Bordón Gran Reserva, Bodegas Franco-Españolas
An earthy, fine nose with notes of dried flowers, undergrowth, leather and hints of tobacco. A tad angular. Very good.
The taste is maturing with notes of red fruits, tobacco, black olives and earth. Needs some time still. A good length. Very, very good.
87p   (tasted 2019/03)

2015 La Poza de Ballesteros, Artadi
The odd bottle out. And it showed, both in age and character. The nose is bold and outgoing with notes of ink, rubber, ripe blueberries and saw dust. Deep and concentrated.
The taste is seedy and strong with notes of ink, bakelite, ripe blueberries, bay leaves and cold coffee. Very long. Needs time.
90p   (tasted 2019/03)

Other vintages tasted:
1979 Rioja Bordón Reserva

1976 Rioja Bordón

1970 Rioja Royal Reserva

1964 Rioja Royal Reserva

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