Monday 20 June 2022

2017 Barolo Bussia, Viglione

2017 Barolo Bussia, Viglione
After the tasting of Barolista: Seven Decades Of Barolo - 1958 - 2013 was finished, I opened this bottle for comparison. It didn´t fair well with the crowd.
The nose display on one hand pure fruit/flower aromas in the shape of dried cherries, plums and dried flowers. But in the other corner there are a melange of other scents - rubber carpet, training shoes (worn...), glue and VA. Two different characters and they are not in harmony. 
The taste is tight and dry with notes of dried up cherry jam, moist earth, bakelite and "björnklister". Bitter tannins and a noticable heat on the finish. I would say less than good winemaking. Not for me.
79p   (tasted 2022/05)

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