Sunday 20 November 2011

Dinner last night & lunch today

Last night I grilled some tender veal filet, matched with a creamy pommes dauphine and a madeira- and thymesauce. With that I thought the new vintage - at least for me - of Allegrinis La Grola would suit nice - and it did!

2007 La Grola, Allegrini
A beautiful perfumed nose, almost erotic in its deep, sensual, multi layered way, with stunning aromas of sweet tobacco, pickled cherries, leather, autumn leaves and touch of cinnamon. Stunning nose!
The taste is much tighter with lots of sweet blueberries, cookie dough and sandy, young tannins. A long, warm finish with good, cleansing acidity. Some chocolate flavours. Very, very good, although very young.
Gonna pick up a few more of this puppy!
92p   (tasted 2011/11)

For lunch today I made a chicken fricassee with mushrooms, onions, autumn apples and mustard. I opened a young generic white Burgundy from Louis Jadot that worked wonders with the apple/mustard/thyme flavours.

2010 Bourgogne, Louis Jadot
A fresh, youthful nose with notes of yellow apples, pears, butter fried nuts and warm grass. A touch warm, in a good way. Melon and sweet minerals appears after a while. Very good, although not that multi-dimensionell.
The taste is young, fresh and pure with notes of apple, melon and lemons. The acidity is fresh and medium high. A very good generic Burgundy.
86p   (tasted 2011/11)

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