Saturday 26 November 2011

Two tasting notes...

...of the same wine. Here is the first:

This is a frightfully, lean, austere, ferociously tannic wine that is nearly devoid of fruit and charm. There is some spice and new oak on the nose, but very little flavour and flesh to what is, in essence, a wine of all structure - acidity, alcohol and wood tannin.

And here is the other:

A gentle, fine, mature nose with notes of old tobacco, leather, cool red currants and cherries, and warm rocks. There is a tiny touch of green bell peppar, but not in a disturbing way. Nice maturity.
The taste is cool, mature and soft with some dry tannins but also with a soft, round, red fruit that is still lively. Some red currants, blueberries and cherries. Medium long finish that ends with a nice dry twist. Touch of tobacco. Very nice.

And the wine? It is

As you may have guessed, the first tasting note is from Parker from 1997, and the second is mine from last night. I am sure that Parker was "right" when he tried it in 1997, but I was also "right" when I had it last night. Conclusion - don´t trust tasting note, try for yourself! :-)

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