Friday 15 June 2012

Burger & Aussie Cab

With grilled home made burgers, a garlic and mustard sauce and grilled potatoes I had the craving for something hedonistic - not something young and intellectual - but something smooth, sweet and satisfying. And this bottle filled that purpose!

1986 RF Cabernet Sauvignon, Orlando
A deep, mature, round and yummy nose with notes of sweet black cherries, milk chocolate, pipe tobacco, black raisins and some stable notes. And then there is the tell tale sign of a australian cabernet - mint and eukalyptus, but in the background, just to enhance the other components. Sweet, mature and soooo fine.
The taste is all about pleasure - sweet, mature fruit, soft tannins and a long, still fresh finish. Notes of black currants, figs, mint, tobacco and moist earth. This is drinking extremely well. Perfectly mature. I find myself pouring glass after glass...
93p   (tasted 2012/06)


  1. Sounds yummy. Aussie Cab is almost unbroken terroir for me....but I have liked the few that I've tasted.

    1. There is something special when all components have melted together with age! Even an aussie cab...:-)