Tuesday 26 June 2012

The Perfect Ones - Part 15

I have been fortunate too have tasted this beaty on two occasions, the first in 2004 when I scored it at only 99p (tasted blind).....and then at a Barolo Boys gathering in 2007 where it performed in a perfect manner (also tasted blind - for the other wines, see below). I can´t wait for the next time...

1996 Barolo Percristina, Domenico Clerico
A deep, hauntingly beautiful, pure nose with notes of sweet red cherries, rosehips, rasberries, cool licorice, expensive leather, and a touch of vanilla and asphalt! Very, very complex and utterly magnificent. Layers upon layers of the sweetest fruit imaginable. Soooo fine. This is what dreams (my at least...) are made of.
The taste is a miracle of concentration, intensity, purity and power & lightness combined. The fruit is perfect in ripeness, the tannins are polished with the finest sandpaper and the finish never ends. When wine reaches this level of perfection, points are pretty much useless, but still - one of the easisest 100p wine ever - just beacuse the scale stops there...
The grapes comes from 1,7 ha in the Mosconi cru area and gets 36 months in French oak barriques (80% new, 20% once used).
100p   (tasted 2007/06)
Other wines tasted at this Barolo Boys gathering:
2003 L´Insieme, Elio Altare   (91p)
2001 Barolo Cerequio, Roberto Voerzio   (96p)
1990 Barolo Cerequio, Roberto Voerzio   (85p?)
2004 Clos Galena, Domaine de la Cartoxia   (89p)
2001 Barbaresco Asili, Bruno Giacosa   (90p)
1997 Barolo Brunate, Ceretto   (93p)
1996 Barolo Pajana, Domenico Clerico   (94p)


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