Monday 20 August 2012

The Perfect Ones - Part 16

In 2001 I arranged a head to head tasting of Taylor vs Fonseca. The vintages were 1992, 1985, 1977, 1970, 1963 and 1955.
The 1977 Taylor was corked but other than that it was an impressive line up. And one bottle was the perfection of mature Port - the 1955 Taylor. The best bottle of Port I have ever drunk.

1955 Taylor´s Vintage Port
A stunningly gorgeous scent just oozes from the glass with aromas of pan fried nuts, milk chocolate mousse, fresh rasberries, balsa wood, white raisins and a touh of linoleum. This can´t possibly be 46 years old?! Fresh as a daisy. A wonderful concentration. A class act. With a small deposit in the glass, I wrote - 110p...:-)
The taste is breathtakingly perfect with sweetness, tannins, acidity and structure in utter harmony. Notes of chocolate covered orange peels, assorted nuts, figs, dades, leather and moist earth. The finish goes on for several minutes. A glorious warmth. This is as good as it gets.
100p   (tasted 2001/12)

The other bottles at this tasting:
1992 Fonseca´s Vintage Port   (91p)
1992 Taylor´s Vintage Port   (96p)
1985 Fonseca´s Vintage Port   (93p)
1985 Taylor´s Vintage Port   (96p)
1977 Fonseca´s Vintage Port   (96p)
1977 Taylor´s Vintage Port   (corked)
1970 Fonseca´s Vintage Port   (98p)
1970 Taylor´s Vintage Port   (88p)
1963 Fonseca´s Vintage Port   (97p)
1963 Taylor´s Vintage Port   (96p)
1955 Fonseca´s Vintage Port   (88p)

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