Thursday 13 September 2012

Wedding Wines

As I mentioned in a previous post I was invited to the wedding of M & J, with the following wedding party with great food, wine and nice people.
My better half banned me from bringing my note book...:-) so the following recollections is from memory and are just snapshots of the many great bottles.
The groom said he didn´t have time to sample that many wines, so I did it in his place, which the following day was a witness too...

While the rest of the guest were occupied taking pictures of the happy couple, I took pictures of bottles... And yes, I have to buy a real camera!

Of the two Champagnes I preferred the Terroirs, not just because it was served from magnums :-), but I thought that the Minéral was a bit withdrawn and chalky at this stage. The Terroirs was full of sweet yellow fruit, a soft mousse and just oozed drinkability.

There were some white wines present from the usual suspect, Dönnhoff, Schaefer etc but I focused on the reds.

Of the two 2005 Barolis from Sandrone, Le Vigne and Cannubi Boschis, I actually preferred the Le Vigne on this night - sweet, decadent and on the verge of being fully drinkable. The Cannubi Boschis was more adolescent and behaved that way. Will turn out great though, in 5+ years time.
The 2004 Rupestris was with the 2006 Brunello from Fuligni, see below, the best wine of the evening. When Cappellano is behaving like this, there isn´t much that is more tasty!
The 2007 Brunello on the picture above (producer?) was a new acquaintance but one that I would like to get to know better, big, warm and structured, this was drinking great.
I have tasted the 2007 Barbaresco from Giacosa before and it behaved beautifully this evening as well.

The 2010 Nebbiolo d´Alba from Marengo was served out of a magnum and was a young, strapping Nebbiolo that craved some food to show of itself. Of the two vintages of Brunello from Il Poggione, the 2006 the shining star. The 2007 was good on its own but a tad warm when compared to the 2006.

The 2006 Brunello from Fuligni was, with the 04 Cappellano, the wine of the night for me. Utterly delicious with stunning Sangiovese fruit, caressing tannins and a long, long finish. Delicious! But if you have a chance to taste the 2004 Riserva from Fuligni do - that is one marvelous wine!
The 2006 Brunello from Querce Bettina was really nice with an elegant structure and great drinkability.
And there were more bottles on the table, but luckily, I didn´t manage to taste them all...

And no, I didn´t take pictures of just bottles. Here are the happy couple. Thanks M & J for a wonderful and generous day!


  1. The 2007 Brunello looks to be from Agostina Pieri. If you ever pass by Helsingör in Denmark, I know Backe Vin ( currently has the 2005 in stock.