Friday 7 September 2012

A Bad Cold & A Bad Bordeaux

Have had a bad cold for almost a week now - no wine, no reading about wine, not even one bottle of wine bought! Well, tonight the nose seemed alright, and I opened this new vintage (for the monopoly anyway...) of Château La Tour de By, usually a nice performing minor Bordeaux. But not this one. It performed decent with the grilled chicken and a mustard- and tarragon sauce, but on its own, no thanks.

2008 Château La Tour de By
A cool, anonymous, small nose with notes of note yet ripe red and black currants, bluberry bushes and some old chocolate. I was sitting with it for a few hours, waiting for it to blossom, but it never did.
The taste is tight, somewhat foursquare and sparse with low keyed red fruit, greenish tannins and a medium long finish with a metallic touch. Anyone interested? Me neither.
65p   (tasted 2012/09)


  1. Thats really bad to hear about such a wine, but "nice" to see that i am not the only one having an bottle of wine , occasionally ,that is simply put not worth it.

    And hope your getting better with your cold, thats not something one wants.


    1. Well, you have to take the bad with the good, as long it doesn' t happen to often...:-)