Sunday 21 October 2012

A Mature Luncheon Chianti

I opened this Chianti, really expecting it do be dead and gone, maybe useful in a upcoming stew, but I was, again, surprised over these humble Chianti´s - they live far longer than most expect.

1990 Chianti Classico Il Rosennano, Montebenichi
A mature, round, medium sized nose with notes of cooked cherries, dry leather, burned potatoe peels, muscovado sugar and some stable notes. A touch to cooked? Strawberry jam and wet undergrowth. Still very much alive though.
The taste is tighter and more dry than the nose with notes of hard cherry candy, forest floor, dry licorice and some meat broth notes. A medium long finish that ends dry. Not a wine that will make it to the memory lane but perfect with a sunday lunch carbonara.
82p   (tasted 2012/10)

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