Sunday 13 April 2014

1982 Château Grand Barrail

I knew that this wouldn´t work as medicine. Too weak - only 11,5% alcohol! I would of course have needed a cryoextracted 14,5% modern Bordeaux to get rid of these bacteria's. They obviously couldn't make proper wine in Bordeuax back in 1982...:-)

Well, now that I opened it, how is it?

1982 Château Grand Barrail
A mature, round, funky nose with notes of red currants, autumn leaves, a moderately cleaned stable, charcoal, cigarette ashes and some dog fur. Interesting. Very much alive and kicking. Some well hanged meat after a while. Very good.
The taste is mature, tight and somewhat dry with notes of lingonberries, red currants, lead pencil shavings, autumn leaves and gravel. The fruit has dried up a bit but there is a fine intensity here. A medium long finish. It took me three hours to finish the bottle and it didn´t budge a bit. You obviously can pack some flavours into a 11,5% wine and make it keep for 32 years...
86p   (tasted 2014/04)

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