Sunday 20 April 2014

2009 Frauenberg G.G., Battenfeld-Spanier - Day Two

I opened this yesterday and didn't think much of it - rather ungainly, hard and frankly, no fun. One glass and then, back in the fridge.
Day two - the duckling have become a swan!

2009 Nieder-Flörheim Frauenberg G.G., Battenfeld-Spanier
Today a refined, harmonious, pure nose flows out of the glass, with notes of grilled lemons, grapefruit juice, a touch of mixed tropical fruits, lemon pepper, chalk and a touch of linoleum and mint. Deep, somewhat mature and complex. Very, very fine.
The taste is younger than the nose leads you to believe, with a searing acidity and notes of sweet/sour lemons, pineapple, lots of chalk and the same linoleum feeling as on the nose. Given this blind, I could have guessed a Chenin Blanc. The finish goes on for a minute, ending high and dry. This is really fine.
92p   (tasted 2014/04)


  1. So about the same I scored the 2013 version,,, ;.)

    1. Yes, a very good Riesling from this, for me, new producer!