Saturday 26 April 2014

A Bottle Of Riesling & A Piece Of Cod

Sometimes, well almost always when I think about it, life is good. And in this way, simple. A nice piece of cod and a bottle of Riesling. What else do you need?

2009 Norheimer Dellchen Riesling Trocken, Jakob Schneider
An open, spicy, fresh nose with notes of sweet/sour lemon, tangerines, a lot of iron, some dried tropical fruits, pickled ginger and minerals. A little nutty after a while in the glass. Medium deep. Very good.
The taste is younger than the nose with a tight acidity paired with notes of lemon peel, seafood shells, iron, dried pears and a touch of banana peel. Long and fine. With the cod it performed great and the combination was, just then and there, perfect.
88p   (tasted 2014/04)


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