Sunday 13 July 2014

Vacation Wine Diary - Day 4 - Periquita

Dear Diary

Yesterday we had company over. I thought it could be time to open a magnum of Perquita which I "found" in the cellar, forgotten. I bought these (I have one more) in 1998 for the staggering price of 14 Euro per magnum!

Coincidentally everyone was either driving, pregnant or didn´t felt like drinking wine (wanted beer instead), so the whites was left uncorked in the fridge. I had already opened the magnum, so the whole bottle was for me - but you know what they say - "a magnum is perfect for two, if one isn´t drinking"...:-)

1995 Periquita, José Maria da Fonseca (magnum)
A light, mature and a bit fragile nice nose with notes of rowanberries, red currants, rubber bands, dry chocolate biscuits and autumn leaves. Not that deep but nice all the same. With air a nice aroma of dried strawberries flows up from the glass. Good.
The taste is medium bodied and mature with notes of lingonberries, red currants, autumn leaves, tobacco leaves and dried herbs. A medium long, dry finish with soft tannins and a nice warmth. I had feared that this would had gone to meet its maker but not so. Still alive and (mildly) kicking and gave a lot of  pleasure to an array of hand made sausages. Very good.
85p   (tasted 2014/07)

Now, what will tonight's tasting bring?

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