Thursday 21 February 2013

A Great Start On The Week - Six Burgundy´s

This monday it was time for a get together in out tasting group. Håkan poured the six wines below and served a delicious coq au vin that went along perfectly - thanks!
Usually guesses are all over the place, at least mine...., but this time we pretty much nailed it, nice when that happens...:-)
All tasted double blind.

2002 Chambertin, Domaine Tortochot
A semi mature, open, light but nice nose with notes of almost ripe rasberries, cranberries, herbs and touch of white peppar. Nice enough, but a Chambertin?
The taste is medium bodied with some nice red fruit, a fresh acidity and a medium long, dry finish. But there is a linear structure in the wine, it doesn´t show much joie de vivre. Someone guessed a Savigny-les-Beaune, and that should have been closer than a Grand Cru. Nice for drinking now, won´t get any better.
85p   (tasted 2013/02)

1999 Pommard, Jean-Marc Boillot
An open, nice, warm nose with notes of sweet lingonberries, dried rasberries, herbs, rotten vegetables and there is an interesting scent of horse turds that comes and goes... Very good.
The taste is tight, cool and good with a nice combination of lingonberries, licorice, herbs and a touch of saw dust. There is a fine warmth in the finish. This gets better and better with air. A long, balanced finish. Very, very good.
89p   (tasted 2013/02)

1999 Beaune Clos de Ursules, Louis Jadot
A warm, mature, open nose with notes of rasberries, cranberries, undergrowth, bonfire and ski wax. It has a moderate depth. Open for business. Good.
The taste is tighter and more intense than the nose leads on, with sweet lingonberry fruit, red apples, dry fudge and warm earth. A fine acidity. The finish is a tad short though. This is for drinking soon.
86p   (tasted 2013/02)

1999 Volnay Les Chevrets, Jean Boillot
A dark, deep, complex nose with notes of sweet rasberries, hard cherry candy, a touch of chocolate, moist earth and a satisfying scent of burnt rubber - yes, very nice! :-) This is fine. A lovely perfumed note emerges with air.
The taste is seedy, intense and tight with young, fresh, ripe Pinot fruit, firm tannins and a long, lovely finish. Notes of rasberries, licorice, herbs and a touch of dark chocolate. A very fine warmth. This will evolve over the coming 5-8 years. A hefty Volnay!
91p   (tasted 2013/02)

1999 Corton Renardes, Domaine Maillard
A big, round, sweet nose with notes of red currants, rasberries and cherry candy with some burnt toast, wet earth, herbs and a diminutive note of wet dog. Open and fine. A very fine warmth to the fruit.
The taste is tighter and more intense than the nose with lots of sweet, concentrated rasberry and cherry fruit with some additional notes of licorice, root vegetables, herbs and leather. A very fine acidity. Long and fine. This on the verge of maturity and I would wait another 2-3 years before open the next bottle.
90p   (tasted 2013/02)

1999 Pommard Grand Clos des Epeneaux, Domaine de Courcel
We hade the 10 year older brother in a Pommard dinner a couple of months ago. The 1989 performed great back then and so did the 1999 on this evening.
The nose is deep, intense, still young and very impressive with its firm structure, although still showing what the fruit will really do in 10+ years time. The rasberries is chocolate covered, there is a great note of parsnips and then there is aromas of cranberries, cap gun smoke, christmas spices and forest floor. Very, very deep. The sweetness of the fruit is stunning.
The taste is very expressive, tight and concentrated with lovely perfumed sweet rasberry and cherry fruit. The brute tannins sweeps through over the palate and leaves a distinctive mark in the mouth. The finish goes on for over a minute. This is still very young and should be hidden in a dark corner of the cellar for 8-10+ years.
94p   (tasted 2013/02)



  1. Nice start of the week.

    The Moillard must be a Maillard though.....or?

  2. Initially I liked Chambertin and Clos Ursuels best but in the end they were my least favourites. I had almost the same ratings as you, and have to drink more Pommard!

    1. Thanks again, Håkan, for an interesting tasting! And yes, you always have to drink more Pommard! :-)