Friday 1 February 2013

Friday Dinner Barolo - 1978 Moscone

Time again for a mature Barolo, nothing better on a friday evening! You can se Emanuele opening
just this wine here.
I have no affiliation with Grandi Bottiglie, I am just a happy customer that really can recommend them.
This wine came from a private cellar sold through them, and the seller had 150 bottles of this wine. 150 bottles!! I think I buy much when I buy a case...

1978 Barolo, Moscone
A lovely mature wine that opens a bit shy, but with air aromas of mushroom forest, red cherries, lingonberries, dried strawberries, herbs and bucketfulls of rose petals emerge. Deep and fine. This is in a perfect mature stage.
The taste is taut, mature and warm with just the right amount of mature sweet fruit to pair the drying tannins. Notes of lingonberries, rosehips, mushrooms, tea bags and dry chocolate is noticable on the palate. A fine backbone. A long, fine finish. Drinking perfectly now.
90p   (tasted 2013/02)


  1. This might be one of the coolest labels I've seen!

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