Thursday 31 January 2013

In Search of Brunello di Montalcino´s Soul - Chapter XIII

When I started this project I summarized my earlier Brunello experience in Chapter I - a total of 31 different bottles of Brunello tasted during 20 years...
From october 2012 up to now I have tasted exactly the same amount - 31 different bottles of Brunello, a different kind of pace to say the least!

It has been a very positive journey so far. There have more positive experiences than the opposite, but then I have focused on well known and serious producers from good to great vintages.

I said in that first post that I didn´t "get" Brunello. Do I now? Hopefully a bit better, although this journey isn´t over yet!
What have I "got" so far then?
* In comparison to the Sangiovese wines I have been used to taste, the Chianti´s and the Super Tuscans, the Brunellos have, in general, more power, more warmth and a more robust structure.
* Vintage wise, although to few tasted to make a certain statement, I think that the Consoorzio´s Vintage quality evaluation have been fairly correct.
* A few, very few, have had a problem with the warmth, making them appear heavy and clumpsy.
* But when Brunello combines that power with stunning fruit and a firm backbone, they are indeed world class wines.
* The best experiences have been the wines from Salvione (one more tasted but I haven´t got around to post that yet), the vintage 1995 which have been perfect maturity wise, and altoghether so many wines from so many producers that I have never encountered before!

The journey continues! Next up - three bottles from 1990...


  1. Thank you for sharing this journey with us! For myself, being someone with less experience in Brunello, this is an amusing read. Keep it up, Joakim! :-)