Monday 7 January 2013

The Perfect Ones - Part 18

In 1995, when this bottle was tasted, Bodegas Osborne bottled 250 bottles/year of this nectar from a solera that then was an average of 36 year. The solera was started in 1883!
As I have said before, I drink Sherry to seldom. Maybe a future project...

NV Oloroso Amoroso Solera Alonso El Sabio, Bodegas Osborne
I usually don´t mention the colour of the wine but on this one I have especially noted the glorious amber in the glass. The nose just explodes from the glass with stunning notes of pan fried nuts, dried apples, almond paste, figs, dades, green raisins, milk chocolate, and a lovingly perfumed note. Deep, deep, deep. Intoxicating and just glorious.
The taste is big, dense and at the same time light and elegant, with notes of nuts, figs, chocolate, warm herbs, mushroom cream, and a hint of saffron. A very long, intense, brilliant finish with a salt/sweet note that is to die for. Perfect in every sense of the word.
100p   (tasted 1995/02)

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