Sunday 13 January 2013

Argiano Weekend - 1988 Ottantotto

It became a real Argiano weekend. First out on friday was this super tuscan wine, with an easy name, if you can rememeber the vintage, you can remember the name, and the other way around...

I have searched the web and emailed Argiano (but that was on friday evening so they haven´t had time to answer yet), but I have come up short to the background of this wine, the grapes and so forth. The label says Vino da Tavolo.
 I would guess from the nose and taste that it is at least 50% Cabernet and that it has seen some new barriques during its upbringing.
If I get a reply from Argiano, I will update this post with the info. Or if someone else knows?
Update: I got a nice mail from Argiano. It seems that the Ottantotto is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Sangiovese and that it spent 14 months in new casks.

I followed up this wine with two bottles of Argiano´s Brunello Riserva - the 1979 and 1985 - on saturday, will be back with a special post on those.
And then I managed to buy Argiano´s 2006 Brunello. In short - a real Argiano weekend!

1988 Ottantotto, Argiano
A big, open, mature nose with velvety, sweet, pure cherry fruit combined with notes of tobacco, hard cherry candy, thyme, blueberry pie, autumn leaves and moist earth. Very deep and fine. This is perfectly mature on the nose. Chocolate covered cherries after a while, and cold coffe. The nose is stunning.
The taste is mature, round and sweet but have enough backbone to offer some resistance. Lovely notes of red cherry fruit, red and black currants, sweet tobacco, licorice and a glimpse of mint. The finish is long, soft and fine. The abraded tannins shows upp in the end of the finish. Perfect to drink right now. Very, very yummy.
93p   (tasted 2013/01)

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