Sunday 20 January 2013

Some Beautiful Labels

Last label post was all about Bordeaux. This time I have walked down memory lane with some beautiful labels from Barolo. I can almost taste some of those wines when I drool over the labels...


  1. Lovely! Not just a wine fetischist :)

    Have you steamed or bought those bad boys dry?

  2. All steamed from drunk bottles! :-)

  3. Hello agin. I asked you of the problems with bottles beeing stoerd to warm. But for now maybe we should discus the problems with bottles beeing stored to coold. I ordered wine some days ago when it was a little warmer and they arrived today (I live in Malmoe so they don't have to be transported through the whole cold Sweden). Should I be worried about the cold weather has affected the wine? Thank you!/Karl

    1. Hi Karl!
      I don´t know if you saw my answer to your previous question - Well, its hard to describe, but I would say when the fruit seems to have a "lid" on it and the feeling is of a nose compressed, pair with a warmth, it is usually a sign of a heat storaged bottle. But they come in all shapes, from the bleeding obvious to the very tiny.
      I usually feel that you normaly feel it more on the nose than on the palate, but that varies to.

      About the cold - well, I guess that were you ordered from it isn´t 20 degrees cold, like it was here the other day...
      Normaly not a problem when shipped with DHL, FedEx or such, when the transport only takes a few days. But if it is sent through the post and it takes over one week and you don´t know where it stays during that time, there is always a risk, either to cold or to warm. Best is to ship during the cool months of the year...

    2. Thank you! I saw your earlier reply. My guess is that hot weather is more dangerous than cold weather, but don't know for sure. Otherwise how should systembolaget be able to transport wine in a month like this. I always ask the online wineshop how the wine is stored before I buy, but of course it difficult to know for sure. Where do you buy your wine? Is it some online retailer you think you should be aware of?

    3. All over the place...:-)
      No, not someone that comes to mind.