Friday 15 January 2021

1978 Barolo, Ang. Cappa & A Desert Island Album

1978 Barolo, Ang. Cappa
After some hours in a decanter this Barolo wakes up and offers up a fine, mature nose with notes of undergrowth, cold coffee, tobacco and rosehips. Gets better and better. A fine scent of dried up raspberry jam. Very, very good.
The taste is medium bodied and dry with notes of raspberry licorice, mushrooms, tobacco and dried flowers. A fine warmth in the finish. Not at least dry. Bottles like this will go on for 8+ years. Another fine bottle from the great 1978 vintage.
90p   (tasted 2021/01)

Stained Class / Judas Priest / 1978
I would want to take the whole Priest discography to a desert island but forced (by myself...) to choose only one, it has to be Stained Class from 1978. 

I love all songs on the album but one of the greatest - Better By You, Better Than Me - is a coverr originally made by by Spooky Tooth, and the song that got Priest in a American lawsuit (where else...) when two boys allegedly was influenced by the song and made a suicide pact. Priest were acquited.

On this, there fourth studio album Rob Halford, aka The Metal God, sings like the god he is.
Info about the album here.

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