Friday 8 January 2021

2019 Langhe Nebbiolo, Paolo Scavino

2019 Langhe Nebbiolo, Paolo Scavino
This will be a tough job. It seems that this halfbottle is avaible in 143 state monopoly stores all over the country. Well, I just have to tank the car full and start driving...
For 10 Euros a half bottle this is an extreme value, one of the top Langhe Nebbiolo´s ever tasted. The nose soars up from the glass with gorgeous notes of ripe red currants, red cherries, violets, incense, raspberry licorice and leather. High and pure. Just great.
The taste is fresh as a daisy with great character and notes of cherries, violets, licorice, spices and a fine peppery note. Silky, perky, caressing tannins. Impossible to resist, drink this now and the coming 10 years. 
93p   (tasted 2021/01)


  1. What about the oak?

    1. There can never be too much... :-) No, nothing noticeable (do they even use oak on the Langhe Nebbiolo?)

  2. Tasted it yesterday ... will give it another try today and comment further.