Tuesday 26 January 2021

1993 Barolo Arione Sôrì Dell´Ulivo, Gigi Rosso & By Now Wines From 106 MGA´s Tasted

1993 Barolo Arione Sôrì Dell´Ulivo, Gigi Rosso
This -93 Barolo offers up a deep, mature nose with notes of dried black cherries, forest floor, iron and violets. A very fine dried up sweetness. Velvety and fine.
The taste is harsher than the nose leads you to believe. Some rough tannins still. Notes of hard cherry candy, asphalt, violets and gravel. A bit unbending. A good length. Fully mature.
89p   (tasted 2021/01)

Gigi Rosso has owned the vineyard since the 60´s but started to bottle it as such in 1974, after Bruno Giacosa who made Arione famous in the early 70´s. The last vintage from Gigi Rosso was 2014. Roberto Conterno (Giacomo Conterno) bought the Gigi Rosso´s part of Arione and made his first Arione in 2015. The only other producer that bottles a Arione is Enzo Boglietti.

There are 170 official MGA´s (Menziono Geografiche Aggiuntive). I have gone through my Barolo tasting notes and I seemingly have tasted wines from 106 of them. Furthermore there are 26 MGA´s from whick no wines are made, at least with that name on the label. 
That leaves 38 MGA´s left to taste wines from. The hunt is on!

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