Tuesday 12 January 2021

A Glass Test With 2013 Antikythera Pinot Noir, Antica Terra

One on the most visited post is this one, where I tasted a Barolo from different glasses. Here is a follow up with a Pinot Noir. The reason was that I was lended a glass from a fellow wine afficionado.

A very ugly glass. But the curiosity got the better of me, so I lined up five glasses, drew the cork and got on with it.

The wine - 2013 Antikythera, Antica Terra - a great Pinot from the capable hands of Maggie Harrison.

The glasses and how they performed:

The ISO glass: If you not are forced, why would anyone taste wine from this sub par glass? A light, red fruited nose with some spicy elements. A medium bodied taste with raspberries and herbs. From this glass this is a good wine but it definitely doesn´t show its true character (88p).

The Riedel Vinum Burgundy glass: Much better! A deep, balsamic nose with ripe raspberries, licorice and fresh herbs. The taste is tight and focused with a fine acidity, ripe raspberries and a smoky note (92p).

The Riedel New World Pinot glass: Even greater! My favourite glass for Nebbiolo. This glass takes this Pinot to another level. A deep, complex and generous nose with wild raspberries, fresh herbs, clay and licorice. Crisp and very fine. The taste flows over your palate with great harmony and lovely fruit. Very fine (94p).

The Riedel Sommelier Pinot glass: I use this big, big glass more seldom. The nose is more fleeting but with very good fruit and depth. The taste is better with a fine intensity and great fruit (92p)

The Riedel Wings Pinot glass: And what about the new kid on the block? Again, very ugly, but very, very good. The impressions are the same as for the New World Pinot glass but the fruit appears a tad darker and richer. Not better, bit slightly different. A very good glass, but I´m not buying (94p).

Riedel Wings Pinot


  1. Glasses are alway interesting to test out , have you tried Zalto Glasses ??

    1. Oooh yes, have crushed a four pack in the dishes. They are very good but I can´t seem to handle them...

    2. Thats too bad , but then i can understand you are not eager to get more of them. I wash mine 1 by 1 . And now it seems i can write here again. So will likely comment more again Joakim.

    3. Me too, but apparently not as gentle as you do...:-) Great to here!