Monday 5 March 2012

The Perfect Ones - Part 11

This is my "most" perfect wine. Tasted a total of 9 times, and scoring perfect no less than 7 times (the other 2 times - 96 and 98p - what a bummer! :-)). And for the possibility to taste this so many times over the years - first time in 2002 - my heartfelt thanks goes to Sverker and Miran!
But the points are not important, the wine is. And this is a ravishing creature. The Le Haut-Lieu and Clos du Bourg is also impressive in the 1990 vintage, but Le Mont takes it to another level completely.

1990 Vouvray Le Mont Moelleux 1er Trie, Huet
The depth of this beauty is amazing, you never seem to get to the bottom of its perfect nose. But you get loads and loads of dried orange peels, oli cloth, rhubarb, wet earth, toasted almonds, dried honey and much, much more. Racy, potent and ethereal. Manage to be hedonistic sweet and intellectual aristocratic at the same time.
The taste is so wonderful that words really can´t do justice to it. It just flows effortless over the tongue and you notice the sweetness, the structure, the weight and the cleansing acidity, but it is an entity that goes beyond description. Just brilliant. Perfection in a glass.
100p   (last tasted 2011/01)


  1. Once more unto the breach, hedonistic style! ;-)

    1. Thanks! I try to do my utmost...(he says with a glass of 06 Sammarco in one hand...) :-)