Monday 11 March 2013

Tasting Sample - 2010 The Game Reserve, Graham Beck

This is my first tasting sample, sent by Primewine group.
First some basic rules about tasting samples:
* I accept tasting samples
* However, I don´t accept crap, for example bag in box wines (you don´t drink wine that come out of a plastic bag, it is as simple as that)
* I decide if I post a tasting note or not
* I taste it in the same way as I have bought it myself - if I like it I will say so, if I don´t like it I will say so
* I have no interest in any wine affiliated business what so ever

Ok then, over to the wine in question.

2010 The Game Reserve, Graham Beck
This South African Shiraz (93%) and Viognier (7%) blend opens a bit shy with some notes of bluberry bushes, plums and a touch of bonfire. With an hour in a decanter it has open up in a nice way with some additional notes of crushed white peppars, blackberries and rosemary. Not that deep but very nice.
The taste is cool, fresh and medium bodied with notes of blueberries, dried herbs, lightly peppered meat and some sawdust - the latter from the oak treatment, which could have been a tad lighter.
The finish is medium long, a little on the light side but fresh and good. An easy drinking Syrah that surely would fit well with some grilled meat later this summer. Today it was paired with a pasta gratin with lamb sausage and parmesan, and that worked well. For 75 SKR/9 Euro it is well worth the money.
84p   (tasted 2013/03)

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